It is in human nature to desire inspiration from the immediate environment to reach the threshold of productivity and to sustain it. As a researcher once said, keeping people behind closed doors is like putting an ant in a ‘lean’ jar and expecting them to go living normally; it will not work out fine. Over time, it has been recommended that we introduce plants into the rooms where individuals reside, be it at home or at the workplace. Plants have proven to have an immense contribution to beautifying both the home and office as well as provide a conducive atmosphere for activities.

Plants in the Office

Research findings have shown that employee activities have been slightly improved in organizations where plants are incorporated into offices. A report from a Japanese group shows that not only do these plants beautify the office environment; they also produce good scents which enhance brain activity causing inhabitants of the office to feel easiness from stress and increased productivity. These plants amongst many others help the employee to:

  • Have a better and more natural oxygen supply while absorbing dust and air pollutants; hence providing a relaxing environment for the worker.
  • Increase productivity especially with computer workers who demand higher levels of concentration
  • Increase creativity by representing nature in the office, which by extension allows for worker maximization of mental creativity through nature’s inspiration.

The ideal office is more of a blend of comfort and a working condition since workers spend more than 50% of their daytime hours there. And while we cannot create a lawn or forest or stream inside an office, we can do some wonders with plants.

Plants in the Home

The colorful inclusion of plants to the interior décor of our houses helps transform our houses to lovely homes. But this is not all there is to having plants in our houses. A Green house is a Productive house they say; little wonder several health authorities recommend the incorporation of plants to the indoor décor of both regular homes and therapy offices.  Other impressive perks of keeping the house green are as follows:

  • Indoor plants absorb carbon (iv) oxide from around the house and release oxygen which is beneficial to us.
  • Plants also create a calm, often sweet-smelling atmosphere in the home – promoting tranquillity in the process.
  • Some plants are natural enemies of certain pests and reptiles. They keep unwanted ‘guests’ away for good.
  • Some plants like Aloe Vera have healing properties which makes them an interesting choice in certain health emergencies. This is also in addition to being a source of moisturizing oils that can serve as antiseptic or antifungal agents.

Some Plants You May Consider

As you may have correctly guessed, not all of these plants have the features you may desire. Some are better than the others when it comes to absorbing certain volatile substances while some others have a better scent. Whatever type of indoor plant you are looking for, you may begin your search with these few ones:

  • Peppermint: The scent from the peppermint plants freshens at all times. Additionally, its leaves that can be used to make peppermint tea.
  • Chamomile: This is a daisy-like plant that can be used for herb infusions and for relaxation.
  • Spider Plant: studies show this plans can absorb volatile gases from the air
  • Chinese Evergreen: This one can thrive in light and dark conditions